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Jonathan Tan

Seizing moments, indulging in memories.
My passion revolves around capturing such events. Being immersed in the art since an early age, aninterest and hobby has now evolved into an ardour in life. The devotion began with the excitement in film photography, understanding its delicate and sensitive characteristics, to master and produce images of intense colours and composition. Thus, with a background appreciation in the novel art, my style and subjects have now been further developed with the medium format, panoramic and digital format. Being raised in Malaysia and having spent several years in Australia I have been exposed to various cultures which have made me appreciate the different personalities, nature and values that I have encountered throughout my life. Family values are of great importance as it has touched me through the countless hours spent with my parents, brought up in a green environment of Borneo.

My aspiration to document the wide diversities of culture and nature is a lifetime ambition. The means to this end would be the recoding on still frames - the moments and moods in people, the quality in wildlife and nature, the spilt second disposition of feelings and experiencing such moments with others. It is not an exclusive ambition as I also aspire to share my talent with those who desire such qualities in creating memories on pictures.



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