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JohnLKong Photography


Cede Prudente


A professional photographer and conservationist,
J. Cede Prudente was born in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Based in Sandakan on Sabah's east coast, he lives in one of the world's most diverse and exciting environments. With Borneo as his home, he is ideally situated to document every aspect of this remarkable natural world and to introduce it to others.
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John Kong


John's inspiration is to capture images that will entice viewers to love the nature that will lead to the preservation of our environment.  His passion for the great Outdoors and the constant exposure to art & design has inspired him to take up photography. He now undertakes assignments for corporate clients and shoot travel stock photos.
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Lene & ClausTopp


Lene and Claus are from Denmark, but have for the last five years spent most of their time in Sabah. They have been travelling in many parts of the world, and cameras have always been part of their luggage. Through their photos they especially want to show their fascination of the diversity and richness of species spanning from mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish, and beautiful plants like orchids.
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Jonathan Tan


Seizing moments, indulging in memories. My passion revolves around capturing such events. Being immersed in the art since an early age, aninterest and hobby has now evolved into an ardour in life. The devotion began with the excitement in film photography, understanding its delicate and sensitive characteristics, to master and produce images of intense colours and composition.
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