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Mentoring Series

Borneo Images worked with a group of distinguish professionals (Mentors) from various fields to develop a photography learning programme. Our learning programme are divided into 3 parts:-

Short Courses – these presentations are designed for a specific topic of interest and in general will not be more than 3 hrs per session. Usually, the presentation is between 1.5 to 2 hours and later followed by question and answers and some hands on experience. Short courses can be just basic or more advance topics.

The idea of short courses are intended for a briefing for upcoming workshops or field trips that the Mentoring Series has planned or each Mentor has organized. This is important to inform participants of equipment preparation and what to expect from field trips.

Some short courses presentations will not have field trips – such as Photoshop and other technical courses. Most short courses will be conducted weekly/monthly at Borneo Images and will not be more than 20 persons per session depending on demand.

Field Trips – field trips are an extension of short courses. For example, a field trip to the tip of Borneo will require that participants to attend at least once the Landscape photography short course. For model shoots, participants must have attended  Portraiture short course and etc. There will not be any discussions of basics/theories during field trips as it is intended to allow participants to maximise hands on experience and guidance by Mentors/Instructors on location.

Most nature based field trips are designed to cover tourism destinations as well as major cultural events that will benefit both tourist and Malaysians alike.

Workshops – these are full-on workshops where it will be conducted on a specific location or destination.

The topics for the Mentoring Series are in general divided into 2 categories:-

Photography Interests – Birding, Landscape, Interiors & Architectures, Wildlife, Portraiture, Macro, Food, Journalism, Adventure, Sports, Travel, Cultures and etc.

Technical Trainings – Post production, Photoshop, Small Flash Systems, Studio Lighting Equipment, Printing and Colour Calibration, Video editing, web design and etc.




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