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The Gallery



Borneo Images's gallery is located at Tanjung Aru Plaza, City of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The gallery was officially launched by YM Tengku Datuk Zainal Adlin, Chairman of Sabah Tourism Board in the year 2007. Borneo Images started with a team of 5 founding member photographers namely, John Kong, Cede Prudente, Lene & Claus Topp and Jonathan Tan.


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Since its inception in February 2007, Borneo Images has produced and sold mainly post cards and fine prints through the gallery, general exhibitions as well as some tourism souvenir outlets within the Kota Kinabalu City. Other projects that were undertaken by Borneo Images are photographic assignments and sale of stock images for publications work.



"Unless it is shown to the people, they won't be able to see the richness of nature we have as the conservation of nature can only be achieved when it is first appreciated and understood."

YM Tengku Datuk Zainal Adlin
Sabah Tourism Board




Our Mission


Our mission is to use awe-inspiring photography as a powerful force to help create a culture of appreciation, understanding and stewardship for Mother Nature. These images highlight a common heritage we share as inhabitants of this planet.


To develop photography learning centre to generate more interests in the art of photography.


Photographers are ambassadors for the preservation of Mother Nature and will in turn promote the general appreciation for conservation of our unique heritage and cultures.




The Mentoring Series



In the year 2011, Borneo Images started the Mentor Series programme by developing Patron Mentors and Guest Mentors to share their experiences and guidance for photographers who wishes to develop their photography knowledge and skills.  Patron Mentors provides regular workshops and field trips all year round and Guest Mentors are distinguished individuals who are invited to share an interesting subject from time to time. 


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The Unlock Art Branding


In the year 2008, Borneo Images has signed a memorandum of understanding with Starwood Hotels International to promote the UNLOCK ART programme with Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.


Several Le Meridien hotels around the world have partnered up with local contemporary art institutions and exhibitions to offer guests complimentary access simply by using their hotel key cards.


A promotion video was also done by Starwood Hotels International covering Borneo Images as was aired in all hotel rooms of Starwood Hotels around the Asia Pacific region giving Borneo Images and its photographers’ international publicity and recognition.


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Suite A33A, 3rd Floor, Tanjung Aru Plaza

88300 Kota Kinabalu

Sabah, Malaysia.




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