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Cede Prudente


A professional photographer and conservationist,
J. Cede Prudente was born in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Based in Sandakan on Sabah's east coast, he lives in one of the world's most diverse and exciting environments. With Borneo as his home, he is ideally situated to document every aspect of this remarkable natural world and to introduce it to others.

After graduating from university, Cede was an apprentice in the aquaculture business before plunging into the challenging task of managing the first wildlife lodge in Sukau, on the Kinabatangan river, in 1990. He learned from the ground up, running every aspect of the lodge as well as introducing researchers, film crews and tourists to the wildlife of one of the richest regions in Southeast Asia. Working frequently with professional photographers, Cede was inspired to save for his first camera, a Nikon FM2, which he treasures to this day (despite moving on to the very latest in professional photographic equipment).

His constant efforts towards nature conservation led to his appointment as manager of Partners for Wetlands, a project initiated by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia, from 1998-2001. The goal of this project was to work with various government agencies, the oil palm sector, tour operators and the local community to establish a plan for wetland management and to ensure the restoration and conservation of the Lower Kinabatangan floodplain.

Subsequently, Cede Prudente established North Borneo Safari, offering a range of services including still photography, skills and services for film shoots, and guiding for special interest groups. In addition, he conducts photosafari trips in Parks and Wildlife Reserves in Sabah. (See His images are in constant demand for advertising, magazines and Malaysian tourism promotion material.

He was chosen as the principal photographer for the book, Wild Borneo (New Holland, UK), and for a number of other books including in Proboscis Monkeys of Borneo, Sabah Colour Guide: Kinabatangan (both Natural History Publications) as well as The National Parks and other Wild Places of Malaysia (New Holland, UK) and is currently working on a new book, Orangutan, for the same publisher.

A photographic exhibition showcasing Cede Prudente's work was held in 2000 in the Naturalis Museum in Leiden, the Netherlands, to raise funds and public awareness for conservation projects in the Kinabatangan floodplain.



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