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Lene & ClausTopp


Lene and Claus are from Denmark, but have for the last five years spent most of their time in Sabah. They have been travelling in many parts of the world, and cameras have always been part of their luggage. Through their photos they especially want to show their fascination of the diversity and richness of species spanning from mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish, and beautiful plants like orchids. Species found from the mountaintop to the bottom of the deep blue sea.

Their work for WWF Denmark has brought them to many unique places, and in recent years the trips have mostly been to destinations in Borneo and different parts of Indonesia and Philippines, but also to African countries like Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

But it was in Sabah that they started to dive, and it did not take long before the camera also followed under water. And the same year they won a First and Second Prize in the underwater photo competition 'Celebrate the Sea'. This luck showed up to be an expensive experience as they thereby felt that they had to upgrade their equipment and invest in housings for their SLR cameras. Today their equipment comprises of Nikon and under water housings from Sealux.

Lene and Claus have been behind the publication of the books 'The Lundayeh of Long Pasia and Long Mio' and 'Kayan Mentarang National Park', and in addition an endless amount of articles for WWF, newspapers, and adventure and dive magazines, mostly dealing with conservation issues.



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