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Best of Kinabalu Park Postcards Set


The "Best of Kinabalu Park" collection is a photo journey through the Kinabalu Park over the last 6 years by John Kong. Comissioned by both Sabah Tourism Board and Sabah Parks Board of Trustees, his mission is to develop a different perspective of Kinabalu Park away from the beaten track. The collection hopes to be able to create awe-inspiring images as powerful force to help create a culture of appreciation, understanding and stewardship towards Mother Nature.


Moments of Tranquility


In these book, Semporna is drawn alive in all its colours as it unravels a delicate balance and beauty in a sea of blue hues. Pal trees dance in a flutter of green on the horizon, and you could almost feel the warmth of the Semporna sun as it departs from each page.




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